Monday, October 20, 2008

Fair Fun

We had a good, but exhausting weekend. Ashleigh had a tee-ball game at 9:00 Saturday morning. Man, it is so hard to get everyone ready and out the door in time to get to the fields by 8:45 for warm-up. But we managed to make it on time. Then we went to the Texas State Fair right after. We ended up going with the Rogers because we both procrastinated and waited until the last possible weekend to go before it ended. We had a lot of fun, but we were all exhausted. We pretty much walked the whole thing and my feet were absolutely killing me. We ate a lot and had a good time. Brian has been bugging me to ride this sling shot's a round cage with 2 seats and they literally fling you into the air by a few cables, you bounce around a little, and then come back down. I haven't been wanting to do it, so he talked Jeremy (Jessica's husband) into doing it with him. That's another reason we ended up going to the Fair together. Anyway, we bought the little DVD they sell you when it's all over...they had a video camera strapped inside the cage somehow. Here it is, I think it's pretty funny!

They really seemed to enjoy themselves, though, Jeremy evidently was so tense that he injured his hips somehow. Too funny!

On Sunday we were watching the Cowboy game...enough said! My 'Boys truly disappointed and embarrassed me. At least the Longhorns are kicking ass! #1 Baby!

And this might be to much information, but I wanted to tell you how sweet my husband was on Sunday. Somehow we got on the subject of my bras...actually, that should be singular, because he is tired of seeing me in the same, frumpy one that doesn't fit properly. I do sometimes wear another one when it has to be white. The problem is, it's a nursing bra...and I'm not nursing anymore and it's WAY too big. Anyway, I had mentioned I saw an Oprah episode all about bras and they had said like 90% of women wear the wrong size bra. So, he started doing all of this internet research to figure out how to get the right size. As it turns out, I have been buying too small of "the number" and too big of a "cup". Who would have thought? Actually, I didn't quite believe that was my size (no, I'm not telling you what it is!) Anyway, so Brian says he's going to go ride his motorcycle but what he really did was go bra shopping...he was gone 2 1/2 hours! Apparently, he asked questions and looked at every single bra in the store to make sure he was getting the right ones for me. He ended up with 5 bras and they all ended up fitting just perfectly, I couldn't believe it! Oh, the part that was even sweeter was that he was saving his scrap (scrap metal we sell from our business) money to buy tires for his motorcycle, but used it for my bras. What a sacrifice he made. Thank You, Honey, for "supporting" me and my bra needs, LOL!!

Then we went to Party City to get Addy's Halloween costume. She's going to be a Lil' Lamb and it is just too precious! I think I already told you that Ash is going to be Super Girl. Oh, we also bought a fog machine for the haunted backyard. Then we went to Kroger on the way back home for some basic groceries and baby food. Fun times!

Last night I presented Brittany with the Photo Book I had made for her. It contains all of my favorite Senior Pictures I had made for her. I think she liked it and it will help them decide which ones they want to enlarge and frame. I don't think I picked her favorite picture for the cover of the book, but it is absolutely my favorite. Make sure you ask her to see it when you see her next :-)

Today was just a normal day of work. I did have to go to Target tonight to buy some black socks for Ash for a bat project they are doing tomorrow. Of course, I couldn't get out of there with $6 worth of socks....NO, I had to spend $89...a big girl Duckie bathtub for Addy (Ash had this same one and LOVED it), a duckie faucet cover, Sesame Street bath toys, hair accessories for both girls, ankle socks for Ash, Halloween outfits for both girls, 3 packages of scrapbooking ribbon from the $1 SPOT, and birthday cards for Brian (his birthday is the 23rd). At least it's under $100, that's a miracle!

Here are some pictures from the Fair, Sleep Tight!


JESSICA said...

OMG-Jeremy and I have just cracked up at that video. We watched it like 10 times. That is REALLY hilarious! Two grown men grunting and laughing like that - LMAO! The extra commentary from both of them is great too!
That was VERY sweet of Brian to buy you new bras. :)
...and of course, I LOVE the pictures of the kids. Jay & Ash almost crapped THEIR pants on that kid roller coaster. That picture does not do them justice. It was too funny!

Anonymous said...

Now you know why I am not married yet -- I am still waiting for an awesome husband like Brian!!! Husbands like him just don't exist anymore! You are sooo lucky, Andi. I know - I've been in the "married world" twice. Count your blessings. I just keep on waiting and praying ;-). Oma

Anonymous said...

Those kids are just too cute. I thought that was funny when you said that Brian was supporting you by buying you bras. Was that intended to be a pun? My husband bought me panties when I was in the hospital. Of course, he bought the ones that have the support panel in the tummy like a girdle. Not very comfortable when you are laying in a hospital bed. But he tried. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh Andi, you are blessed! Only Uncle Richard would be as wonderful as Brian was about your bras! Happy Birthday Brian! Loved the pics & video! Favorite pic is the kids walking away holding hands, great! You are living the SWEET LIFE! Love, Auntie S